At MySpectrum, we believe that mental health, substance use, and any issue we face as human beings exists on a continuum and will work with each client on their individual needs. We focus on enhancing service gaps for those on the Autism Spectrum, to include family members, as well as the needs of those facing any challenge across the Mental Health, Substance Use, and Whole Life Spectrums. We are an inclusive setting where each person has a voice, to include our valued team members. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work, and at MySpectrum, we want the experience for our team and clients to be unlike any other with the goal of reducing stigma associated with receiving help. It's about the relationship above all else.

MySpectrum Remote
Apr 09, 2021
Psychologist Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Full-time, Part-Time (minimum of 7 sessions per week) Are you ready to make a career move that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding? Are you interested in joining a progressive company that provides teletherapy throughout Virginia and beyond? Well, we have that opportunity if you are licensed in the state of Virginia as an LCSW, LPC, or LCP! **Those with clinical licenses in multiple states are encouraged to apply.** MySpectrum  offers outpatient counseling and coaching to children and adults, focusing on the Autism Spectrum, Substance Abuse Spectrum, Mental Health Spectrum, and Whole Life Spectrum. We work with every person, on every spectrum and are seeking skilled Therapists throughout the state of Virginia who are interested in providing teletherapy to our clients. If you don't specialize in any one area, but find yourself to be an out-of-the-box thinker and relationship-driven Therapist who can engage clients virtually, this may be...